The Motorcycle Files is an ever-growing series of print books and E-books that presents its readers with a unique opportunity to build their own library of the histories of some of the world’s rarest racing motorcycles. It is based on the massive back catalogue of articles by award-winning journalist and former racer, Alan Cathcart, who has been testing motorcycles on road and track over three decades and syndicating his work to more than thirty magazines around the world. Allied to a successful international racing career, this has earned him the respect of the major motorcycle manufacturers, museums and private owners of priceless two-wheeled rarities.






In many cases the machines that he has tested for The Motorcycle Files have been the only existing example in the world. Alan’s unique combination of riding ability and journalistic skills means that manufacturers are willing to open the doors to their factory team race shops to him and then take a further leap of faith by allowing him to test on the race track the machines that are usually restricted to World Championship Grand Prix and Superbike stars. The Motorcycle Files, therefore, are the only publications that can offer their readers the chance to build up their own library of information on some of the rarest machines on the planet.

Each file includes the track test, plus technical information and the historical background of the featured machines. Added to that, The Motorcycle Files has utilized the skills of some of the best motorcycle photographers in the world to provide unrivalled action and technical images. No other series can strip the fairings from the racing machines and allow the reader a close-up look at the engines and other technical details usually seen only by the race team engineers. In addition, the series goes back through motorcycling’s photographic archives to also provide its readers with images of how things were back in the day.


The Motorcycle Files series can be downloaded as individual e-books from Amazon or its Kindle store for viewing on all versions of the Kindle readers. In addition, by using the free Kindle app, they can also be read on similar devices including I-Pads, Androids and other tablets, personal computers and even mobile phones.

Each standard issue e-book download is the equivalent of a paperback-size book containing from 60 to 120 pages. All individual titles are lavishly illustrated and can be enjoyed in full colour on those devices capable of delivering it. All titles can be accessed, and substantially previewed before purchase, by going to either Amazon Books or the Kindle Store and entering The Motorcycle Files in the search process or by following the direct links to Amazon from this site.




Printed books are a new but fast-growing area of activity in The Motorcycle Files and can also be previewed and ordered direct from Amazon, Again, you can follow the links from this site to Amazon.

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